Creamella Ice Cream Mix

About The Project

We undertook the project of designing and developing a professional responsive website for Creamella Ice Cream Mix. Creamella ice cream mix is a complete ice cream powder mix made from well selected natural ingredients, carefully blended to meet the ever increasing desire and taste of ice cream producers and consumers. It is formulated with low sugar content and low fat milk, thereby making ice cream made with creamella mix fit for healthy living. Creamella ice cream mix comes in assorted flavors like Vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate, pineapple flavors. We also have specially formulated mix for Gelato ice cream with flavors like Vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate, pineapple, mango, coconut and apple flavors. Creamella mix is very easy to use. Just add it to a required quantity of water, whisk and turn it into your ice cream making machine and what you get is creamy and yummy ice cream with high yield. Creamella is manufactured, packaged and distributed by El-nupan Global Services Company. Website URL:
March 15, 2021
Web Development
El-nupan Global Services Company